Rose of Jericho

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The Rose of Jericho (Selaginella pilifera) is a desert fern that can do without water for up to 50 years. When the ball of curled up brown or greyish leaves is places in a bowl of water, the leaves magically unfold and quickly turn green again.

Place the rose in a bowl with about two centimeters of water for 3 days or more, until it opens up and turns green. The water must be changed often. After it has been open for a week, let the plant dry up again.

In case your rose gets infected with mold, you can buy a fungicide, dissolve a few drops in half a litre of water, place the rose on a layer of this water, and sprinkle some over it as well.

The Rose of Jericho may be given as a gift wherever the theme of "new life" is appropriate, such as a new home, pregnancy, birth of children and so on.

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